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Guild of Dog Trainers

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Allan Richie

Allan Ritchie

Master Professional Dog Trainer

Allan Ritchie has over 40 years experience working with dogs, and has now helped over 8000 people with their dogs’ training and behavioural issues.

He was obsessed with dogs from a young age and in 1980 he joined the Royal Air Force Police as a dog handler and began to learn his trade. In 1989 he joined the Civilian Police in Edinburgh as part of the Firearms rapid response Hostage Rescue Team, so there’s not a lot that phases Allan. His ability to keep calm, understand and help people are key to his success and well deserved excellent reputation as a dog trainer.

After retiring from the Police Force in 2000, he built a Dog Training Centre and began concentrating on education and teaching the other end of the lead!, Teaching and helping people to learn the skills they needed to live in harmony with their dogs, using positive reinforcement

Based in the Scottish Borders near Peebles, Allan travels throughout the Central belt of Scotland to carry out ‘home visits’ and trains people and families on a 1-2-1 basis.
He also offers Membership to his Clan Dog website where he will help you understand your dog and start to work together and not against each other. He does this with high quality video lessons presented in a simple and easy way, offering continuous support during your training journey in a supportive like minded community that you will want to engage in.