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Guild of Dog Trainers

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Ann Hughes

Dog Trainer

Ann started training courses when she brought home her Newfoundland puppy and realised that she needed to know much more about training than she did as her puppy was bigger than most fully grown dogs.

While studying, to gain hands on experience, she volunteered at local rescue centres where as well as walking and training the dogs she was able to work with lots of dogs with a variety behaviour needs.

She then added to the family by getting two giant rescue dogs from Romania. It’s been a huge learning experience and has pushed her even further to expand her knowledge not just of different training methods/tools but of behaviour issues including lead reactivity & separation anxiety, and understanding their body language which has been key to settle her own dogs.

Since then Ann’s focus has been working with these rescues to help integrate dogs into their new homes. She spends time getting to know the dog and the family with home visits before and after. She tailors the services to each need which is fluid as these needs can change due to home circumstances or change in behaviour, once time has passed and the dog has settled in.

Ann believes that every dog and every family environment is different and no “one shoe fits all” training approach can be applied, especially when it comes to rescue dogs. Ann uses as a variety of methods including Clickers, TTouch basics, Balancing.

Owners are taught how to read their dog’s body language, how to teach basic obedience as well as games to help with both the physical and mental stimulation a dog requires. The focus is on creating a balanced relationship with your dog through leadership, motivational rewards and effective communication.