Guild of Dog Trainers

Guild of Dog Trainers

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Annette Davis-Green

Master Dog Trainer

Annette has 20 years of experience training her own and other people’s dogs, as well as providing advice from breed suitability to puppy training. Successfully showing her own dogs, including at Crufts, Annette has also competed her dogs in working gun dog tests and agility classes. Training foals to become international level dressage horses, Annette demonstrates her natural ability to train animals.

With a background in healthcare science she has a particular interest in understanding dog behaviour in the human environment.

Annette offers class dog obedience/puppy training and dog/puppy selection, helping match and train the right dog for families and home situations on a one to one basis. Canine behaviour cases are taken on a one to one basis. Annette believes in creating daily schedules that enables dogs to be happy and healthy, therefore creating happy dog owners.

“My dog used to wee on the carpet when visitors arrived, which was very embarrassing. Annette gave us a simple solution which worked first time and our dog has not done it since. It’s amazing.”
Annette specialises in working with high energy dogs, offering training in working gun dogs including tracking, hunting, retrieving and water work.