Guild of Dog Trainers

Guild of Dog Trainers

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Barbara Gray

Master Dog Trainer

I have a lifetime of experience as a dog owner, having owned several diverse breeds of dog.

Currently, I am a training instructor of companion dogs and also a trainer/assessor of assistance dogs with a charity called Dog A.I.D. This charity provides specialised training advice for people with physical disabilities who wish to train their own dogs -these dogs are often a lifeline for their owners, who rely on their support.

I am a member of the Kennel Club’s Accredited Instructor scheme and I hold a Certificate in Education. I have up to date public liability insurance.

Over the years I have attended many courses relating to dog law, canine first aid, training reactive dogs, understanding your dog’s body language and I continue to work on my professional development.

I have trained my own dogs to Kennel Club Good Citizens Gold Level (and above).

I provide personalised cue and response training , as well as “one off” appointments and advice, using positive, ethical and stress free methods. My mantra is ‘work WITH your dog’.
Having helped many owners and dogs, from Irish Wolfhounds to Chihuahuas, I realise that every dog is an individual, and as a team, each dog and owner are unique.

I feel that the first thing to establish in order for a dog and owner to develop a deep bond is mutual trust and clear communication, as well as consistency with their training.

I enjoy creating a bespoke training solution for your dog and your circumstances. My many years of invaluable experience enable me to utilise what I have learned and help me to make life better for both owner and dog.

Most importantly – I advise clients to remember to have fun and be friends with your dog!