Guild of Dog Trainers

Guild of Dog Trainers

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Carol Hayes

Master Dog Trainer

Carol is the owner of Mutts2Marvels dog training club in the Chester and north Wales area. Carol’s enjoyment of dogs and horses has been life long, and she has worked with and trained pet dogs over many years. After retiring as a University lecturer and teacher she achieved the National Dog Training Instructors Certificate (CIDBT), and now combines her love of teaching with her passion for dogs. She likes to engage you as owners, to help you have the relationship with your dog that she has had with hers.

Carol is keen to continue her professional development by attending courses, reading and generally keeping up to date with research into dog behaviour. She gives talks on dog behaviour and how to understand canine body language. She is available to help you to choose your new dog, covering points such as what to look for in your puppy and their care.

Mutts2Marvels is based in a village hall with outside space, to provide a range of interesting and stimulating environments to train in. This is a friendly club based environment where you and your dog can learn to understand each other better. Fun agility and the unique Responsible Dog Ownership Scheme enables you to see progression and enjoy an element of competition. Carol also offers one to one sessions and behaviour work for those of you who feel that you are not yet ready for a group session. This may be in your own home or in locations which are challenging for your dog. She organises group training walks, which are fun, social experiences, where you and your dog are introduced to new locations and experiences.

Carol’s philosophy as a trainer is to help you to develop a close and stimulating relationship with your dog, ensuring contented owners and happy dogs.