Guild of Dog Trainers

Guild of Dog Trainers

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Christine Barber

Master Dog Trainer

Christine started Fresh Start dog training when trying to rehabilitate an aggressive dog of her own she discovered that there was nowhere in her area that held small enough classes for her to attend and work on her dogs issues around others.

Christine specialises in dogs who have aggression issues towards other dogs and people providing classes of 4- 6 dogs utilising her passion for dog sports such as agility, working trials,

canicross and gundog work to help rehabilitate dogs of all ages and breeds.


Dogs of all ages and breeds are most welcome with the only criteria being to desire a good working relationship with your dog and have fun in the process. Using reward based training to encourage the dog to make the correct decisions, through games and fun whilst teaching the owner how to communicate to their dog what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour without pain or misunderstanding.

Christine has undertaken a number of courses with the CIDBT and other institutions such as The Training Academy and The school of canine science, to increase her learning which she continues to do, passionate about developing her skills further to help more dog and owner relationships to blossom.