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Guild of Dog Trainers

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David McIver

Master Professional Dog Training Instructor

Dave served in the Police service for 39 years and considers himself to be very fortunate in that he was able to work with Police Dogs for almost 34 years; he qualified as an Accredited Police Dog Instructor in 1990.

Of the five dogs that Dave worked operationally all but one were ‘gift dogs’ to the service and as a consequence came with certain issues which required extensive work on, namely aggression towards other dogs and /or people, and environmental instability.

As a result of the bond and understanding that Dave formed with these dogs, and their subsequent training, he was able to ensure they all became successful operational Police Dogs that produced outstanding operational results; in addition several of them also competed in Police Dog Trial and Working Trials.

In 2016 Dave was awarded a Masters Degree (MA), Professional Practice in Canine Behaviour and Psychology by Middlesex University, in addition he tutors with the Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour and Training (CIDBT) in Advanced Professional Instructor Skills.

As a result of his experience Dave is able to offer one to one practical and theoretical guidance to deal with all types of behavior issues, or provide a supportive training programme to help the owner and dog build an enjoyable partnership. Puppy training/socialisation, one to one behaviour advice and working trials training also undertaken.

All training is motivational and reward based, and takes into account the abilities of each dog and owner/handler.

Pictured with his pet dogs, Anya the GSD (Bitch) and Ollie the Collie (Dog) were raised by Dave from puppies.