Guild of Dog Trainers

Guild of Dog Trainers

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David Seaborn

Master Dog Trainer

David is based in the heart of the beautiful Royal Forest of Dean specialising in the training and care of the working, active and retriever breeds. He runs training classes for puppy, intermediate and advanced dogs, covering the specific needs of these energetic breeds. Also on offer is one to one, residential training, home visits and behaviour advice. All clients and their pets are assessed and a tailored plan is put into place.

He has owned and been involved in these breeds for forty years. David soon realised that his extensive work and training with the gundog breeds could be easily transferred to these dogs and owners in the family home environment, as these pets still have all the desires and needs of their full working ancestors. He uses his experience to help owners engage and become someone who their dog respects, loves and looks up to as a provider and leader.

David spends more time helping the owners than their dogs, passing on techniques that brings the best out in your pets. Most of his working career has been involved in training of some kind, teaching at some of the most challenging colleges and in turn gaining experience of how to get the best from his students and most of all the success that follows.

He firmly believes that you have to work with the energetic traits of these dogs and make it work for you, whilst stimulating the natural behaviour of these very special animals.

David can show you that two fifteen minute stimulated exercises a day can be more beneficial than a ten mile walk. Services extend to Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire and Monmouthshire. He offers off road quiet woodland training setting, enclosed training area if needed. Energetic working dog breeds a speciality. Home visits, one to one, weekend training breaks, holiday home care services, training classes and Residential gundog training all available.