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Gary Mulvaney

07754 003021
Dog Trainer

Gary Mulvaney a Dog Trainer/behaviourist based in the North West. Gary’s training ethics are to be practical with an everyday approach, getting back to and identifying good communication between partnerships using kindness, psychology, body language and emotions is for him the key part of his work.

He will offer modern, up to date, common sense solutions to training and behaviour issues, based on practical experience and knowledge gained through theoretical study which is on-going. He believes in making this enjoyable for both parties as the short-term effort in training equals long term gains that will lead to a harmonious relationship. He does this through positive reward based training incorporating body language and emotional bonding between owner and dog.

He has worked with clicker training, rally, agility, gundog work and completed the KCAI Good Citizens Awards to gold standard. He says for him the training/learning never stops!

Gary provides puppy and adult dog training weekly classes held locally in his village hall. He also does One to One instruction for pet dog owners, individually tailoring training needs for them. He provides a Behaviour Problems evaluation assessment with solutions by going to people’s homes and enjoys the individuality of each case. Also providing a puppy service which deals with family integration; development stages and helps clients understand their new puppy’s crucial stages.