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Guild of Dog Trainers

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Graeme Hall

Master Dog Trainer

Acknowledged by the media as one of Britain’s top dog trainers, Graeme Hall ‘The Dogfather’ is based in Northamptonshire and Warwickshire. Together with his team he helps with dog training, puppy training & dog behaviour problems.

He’s worked with thousands of dogs of all breeds (and one fox!). Graeme is one of few dog trainers chosen by the Hollywood film industry, is recommended by vets and you’ll often hear him on BBC Radio or read his articles in magazines. He’s even worked as far afield as Australia and New Zealand – So anywhere in the UK is no problem!

Graeme’s a frequent contributor to magazines, newspapers, TV & radio, so if you’re looking for advice.

If you need a dog trainer or behaviourist to help with One to One dog or puppy training anywhere, or Kennel Club listed puppy classes, perhaps socialisation, dog obedience training – in fact, any dog behaviour issue, pick up the old “dog and bone” or check out Graeme’s website.

Graeme trains dogs AND owners. If you’d like some proof of what The Dogfather and his team can do for you, check out the Client Reviews on the Dogfather Training website.

Any dog – Any problem – Anywhere in Britain!