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Jacquie Butlin

Master Dog Trainer

Jacquie has a 2.1 BSc Honours Degree in Canine Behaviour and Psychology and a Pet Education Training and Behaviour Council Diploma in Advanced Canine Behaviour and Psychology.

Jacquie’s canine behaviour consultancy, Jersey Dog Training and Behaviour Company, offers solutions to dog behaviour problems and personal training to owners of dogs of all ages. She has rehabilitated many problem dogs and designed training programmes to reform behaviour that enables owners to build and enjoy a fulfilling relationship with their dogs. Jacquie works from her specially designed premises in Jersey and offers consultations in comfortable, relaxed surroundings, where there is also a busy and highly successful dog day care centre. She currently owns eight dogs of various breeds and is passionate about achieving the best possible outcomes for each dog she assess with behavioural or training problems.

Working on a 1-2-1 basis with clients, Jacquie is able to offer a personalised programme that focuses on training both the dog and owner to interact together. She believes that building their relationship both at home and in public is critical to achieving balance and harmony. Training dogs to relax when encountering aspects of everyday life including other dogs and people, traffic and distractions that trigger their interest, has built Jacquie’s reputation as a highly successful dog behaviourist and trainer.

Her skills and expertise are founded on tried and tested methods formulated over the many years Jacquie has owned and trained dogs. Jacquie has attended numerous educational courses and gained invaluable experience working with many of the leading behaviourists and trainers in the UK and in America.

Jacquie is one of the few people who has been personally trained by the internationally renowned dog trainer, Michael Ellis at his centre in the USA. Nearer to home, Colin Tennant, Ross McCarthy and Sue Williams are amongst the noted trainers and behaviourists who have mentored and trained Jacquie.

Jacquie is continuing to expand her knowledge and experience of dogs by studying for a Masters Degree in Canine Behaviour and Psychology with Middlesex University as well as travelling the world to work with the leading trainers and further her understanding of dogs. The success of the Jersey Dog Training and Behaviour Company has brought invitations to appear on TV and radio, which has consolidated Jacquie’s reputation as the person to consult when your dog’s behaviour falls short of your expectations.