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Guild of Dog Trainers

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Jennifer Thomas

Dog Trainer

Jennifer Thomas has been training dogs for the past 11 years and specialises in Gundog Training. She has 5 black Labradors, 2 cats and enjoys competing in Working Tests during the summer and picking up on local shoots during the shooting season.

Jennifer also offers a variety of other dog and handler training options to suit you and your dog’s needs in a secure paddock at her home with plenty of space to relax and enjoy different training techniques. All her training focuses are on positive reinforcement and motivational methods.

All Jennifer’s classes are currently based on a 1-2-1 basis at £30 per hour, however small group sessions can be organised from time to time at £20 per dog (maximum 4 dogs) and home visits can also be arranged at an additional cost, with travel expenses of £0.75p per mile.

Gundog Training: Sit and wait, heel work, recall, handling, steadiness, retrieving, delivery of the dummy, marks to shot, memories, blinds and using the stop whistle for distance handling. Recommended age to start is around 6 months old and there isn’t a limit on the age – it’s never too late to learn! However, basic training should begin from the day you bring your puppy home.

Basic Obedience Training: Sit and wait, heel work, recall, retrieving, leave command, waiting for food, manners going through doors and in and out of the car, discouraging the dog from jumping up at people and barking.

Advice: Offering advice when choosing a puppy (ie which breed is most suitable to you) and what to do when you bring a new puppy home, toilet training, daily routine, basic manners in the house, food advice, flea and worming advice, what bedding to purchase, treats and chews and toys.

Dogs – The Guild is passionate about training dogs using methods which evolve from creating understanding between dog and human.

Dogs Owners – The Guild acknowledges the needs of dog owners and their aim of a well behaved pet dog. The Guild fully understands the expectation society places on dog owners and additionally the laws which affect them all.

“A well trained dog is a happy dog”