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Guild of Dog Trainers

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Kim Philpott

Master Dog Trainer

Kim has been involved in the dog world for over 30 years experiencing a range of challenges from controlling high energy competition dogs to medium energy family pets. It was her initial experience with the challenges presented by high energy dogs that had a profound effect on her future career. Much of her subsequent 30 years of experience in the business has been focused on the so called ‘problem’ cases.

Kim was 11 years of age when she started training dogs, focusing on agility and competition obedience. She was a professional groomer for 15 years running her own business. Vets used her services for the more difficult/aggressive animals based on her extensive dog handling experience and knowledge of dog psychology.

Kim’s reputation and passion for animal welfare led her to teach canine care as part of a Btec animal care course and, for years, she has worked with rescued dogs, including cruelty cases and ‘death row’ dogs, with varying degrees of behavioural problems. She has utilised these acquired skills as a canine behaviour practitioner, tackling unwanted behaviour head on, providing an ongoing long term solution.

Kim will analyse all aspects of unwanted dog behaviour (including the contributory home environment) working intensively on a one to one basis with dogs and owners, helping them to understand and consistently use dog psychology (instead of human psychology) to meet their dogs’ unique individual needs in a balanced way.

In Kim’s opinion, educating owners to have stable family pets for all to enjoy is the most rewarding job in the world.