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Guild of Dog Trainers

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Kiri Vincent

Master Professional Dog Training Instructor

Kiri’s interest in dog behaviour and training began as a child after adopting their rescue Border Collie Murphy, who had been badly mistreated and needed a lot of behavioural rehabilitation. She has 16 years of experience of training dogs, having worked alongside an experienced dog trainer and behaviourist for 6 years before they retired. She has worked with a local dog rescue centre to rehabilitate a number of their dogs for rehoming, which of course resulted in her adopting a Greyhound and Lurcher along the way! Kiri specialises in rescue dog behavioural problems and has gained specialist knowledge of Border Collies and Greyhounds as a breed.

Kiri has completed a number of diplomas in dog training, animal care/management and dog behaviour/psychology and is registered as an ADTB Approved Instructor. She received a business award – A Scoot Headline Award in 2016; in addition to receiving a personal award for her work at college, which was presented by Dr Roger Mugford.

Kiri currently offers private training and behavioural consultations online and in person. Her focus is on the practical and everyday life problems you may face with your dog and she develops training to focus on these issues. She is keen to make dog training something the whole family can be involved in and has many years of experience teaching children, so can help kids to gain confidence, bond with and be comfortable around dogs.

Kiri has also completed various courses with a large focus on anatomy and physiology, canine first aid and physiotherapy resulting in a high level of anatomical knowledge which allows her to tailor training to consider the physical health of dogs, in addition to their behavioural well-being.

In recognition of the growing problem surrounding dog theft, she has completed courses in investigation and animal forensics in order to gain knowledge which could be applied to aid in the search for lost and stolen dogs.