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Kiri Vincent

Master Dog Trainer

Kiri runs Dog Tired Dog Training, covering Whittlesey, March and surrounding areas. She has 8 years experience of dog training, having worked alongside an experienced dog trainer and behaviourist for 6 years before continuing to work on her own following her colleagues’ retirement. Kiri has also completed various diplomas and training courses.

Kiris’ interest in dog behaviour and training is largely due to her rescue Border Collie Murphy, who had been badly mistreated and had not had any socialisation so needed a lot of behavioural rehabilitation.

Kiri believes that all training should be catered to individual needs and provides this in her classes as well as in one to one training. In classes Kiri sets up situations which mimic everyday life problems for dog owners in order to rectify them. She teaches many exercises outside of the basics which are essential in everyday life and in emergencies, one example being the road safety exercise. She currently offers obedience classes in Whittlesey, private training, behavioural consultations and runs behavioural clinics on specific dates. Classes are run using an integrated format whereby all ages and abilities are able to mix and benefit from each other, while still receiving training that is personalised to them. The format of the classes also allows individuals to progress at their own pace.

Kiri has worked with a local dog rescue centre to rehabilitate and assist in re-homing a number of rescue dogs with severe problems due to their previous experiences. Kiri has completed various courses with a large focus on anatomy and physiology and has also completed Canine First Aid and Canine Physiotherapy courses resulting in a high level of anatomical knowledge which allows her to tailor training in order to maintain the physical health of dogs in addition to their behavioural well-being.

Kiri is also an ADTB Approved Instructor and was presented with an achievement award by Roger Mugford, for her work whilst at college. In recognition of the growing problem surrounding dog theft, Kiri has completed courses in animal cruelty investigation and animal forensics in order to gain knowledge which could be applied to aid in the search for lost and stolen dogs.