Guild of Dog Trainers

Guild of Dog Trainers

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Kristine Graham

Master Dog Trainer

Kristine developed her huge passion for dogs in her early childhood where she grew up with many working farm dogs in Latvia and spent lots of time training these dogs for working purposes.

Kristine currently runs business called ‘Reinhund’ where she specialises in German Shepherd dogs from imported working lines with main aim to breed, supply and train dogs for family protection roles. Kristine also offers one to one dog training, advice on raising a puppy and adult dog behaviour consultations at clients homes.

Kristine has successfully undertaken canine training and behaviour courses with various colleges and has also undertaken many seminars to extend her knowledge in the dog world.

Kristine has 4 dogs herself, a German Shepherd who she has had from a puppy, a re-homed Staffordshire Bull Terrier and two imported German Shepherd dogs.