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Guild of Dog Trainers

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Meghan Jones Styles

Master Dog Trainer

Meghan has always believed there is a solution for every dog and wants owners to feel supported and encouraged along their training journey. With fun, interactive training, motivational rewards and behaviour modification she has helped over 1000 clients reach their goals.

Since 2004 Meghan has been working successfully as a full time dog trainer and behaviourist, covering fun obedience classes, dog sports, security handling and behaviour cases and seeing 80 clients per week.

While experiencing behavioural problems with her own dog Millie, she tried a number of training schools but was unable to find the right advice for her. During this time her love of training grew as she found a programme that worked. By focusing mental energy, building drive for rewards and dedicating quality fun time to tailored training, she was able to achieve results and gained a happier, more balanced dog.

Meghan was able to work side by side with some of the most well respected trainers in the country, gain her British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers Security qualification, compete at Working Trials and Agility, written an extensive training syllabus with over 300 lesson plans (adopted by various local training schools) and continued to expand her knowledge through instructor courses, seminars and open learning.

Meghan specialises in behaviour cases where owners struggle with various issues – anxiety, nervousness, phobias, aggression. She also spends her time working with clients in pet classes, working trials, tracking, flyball and agility while constantly developing new ideas and training plans for classes and courses.

Additionally she is studying advanced behaviour courses and is a lead advisor to PawPrints UK. Meghan is also a partner in Dogzdinner – a premium hypoallergenic dog food, and Dodzacademy – an education provider for junior instructors and handlers (UKRLP). Meghan also has MIACE membership.