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Guild of Dog Trainers

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Susan Close

Master Dog Trainer

Susan has owned and trained dogs and horses since she was in her teens. She has successfully completed the ADipCBM (Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour Management) and regularly participates in courses and seminars as part of her ongoing commitment to professional development.

In 2005 she started a training club called THE DOG HUB which is based in Euston, Central London. Her training groups (puppy onwards) aim to teach companion dog skills to urban dogs and their owners, coaching them on how to cope with the many challenges of inner city life. The one-to-one problem solving arm of her practice expands on this: she is committed to rehabilitating dogs that struggle to cope with the stresses and strains of living in today’s fast-moving world in dense and noisy metropolitan environments.

As well as running her private dog training and behaviour practice, she also owns and manages a social enterprise project which, with funding from the local authority, addresses anti-social behaviour and dogs in the London Borough of Camden. The project supports people and their dogs who are struggling to cope, and offers training to address a range of problems including barking, destruction, separation anxiety and aggression.

All the training and support Susan offers is non-judgemental: “You can’t change the past, but you can influence the future!” As a consultant and trainer in assistive technology for people with specific learning difficulties for over thirty years, Susan gained vast experience not just in assessment and teaching, but also in dealing with people from all walks of life. She believes that learning should be fun and that, because the activities learned should be fit for purpose, she offers each dog and its owner thoughtfully tailored training packages.