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Why dog attacks happen…and how to prevent them.

Well, at the moment that is the subject on the lips of many people. Over the past few weeks, I have been on the Radio …

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Home Alone – Separation Anxiety by Ross McCarthy

Dogs are pack animals and are not suited to solitary lives and when we take a puppy into our home, we become the family pack. …

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Equipment Ssed in Modifying Canine Behaviour

Basic Dog Training When dogs need training we begin with the basic essentials like a collar and lead and for those people who make the …

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Guide Dog Attacked

Mrs Weston was delighted that her son, who is blind, was, for the first time in his life, going to become an independent man. He …

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A Dog Walk on the Wild Side – a Behaviour Case Study by Ross McCarthy

Although one could describe my job as ‘working with dogs’ I believe that the greater part of my job is working with people. Lifestyles and …

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Dog Rescue, Training and Behaviour by Sara Munke

Dog rescue, dog training and behaviour are not words that most people would normally expect to see in the same sentence. However, for the staff …

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Talking to Your Dog by Lez Graham

or should that be “Sorry, were you talking to me?” The voice is one of the most powerful tools we have when training our dogs …

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What’s wrong with Fur-babies and fur-kids by Ross McCarthy

All over the internet and social media sites, people are posting images of their fur-babies and fur-kids…and just what, you may ask, is wrong with …

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Dog Surprise – The Unknown Quantity

Our dogs often respond behaviourally to different stimuli and locations and the resulting behaviour can be quite a shock or surprise to the owner. One …

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Don’t touch the dog… regardless of how cute that dog may look by Lez Graham

Dogs have simply got to be one of the most touchable animals on the planet, especially as a species, humans tend to be touchy-feely, reaching …

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Spoil Your Dog

Spoil your dog? Well, it’s a life choice – with consequences I was sitting in my office earlier today talking to a new client of …

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Prevent Bad Dog Behaviour by Ross McCarthy

The prevention of dog behaviour problems Behaviour problems in dog are incredibly common, due to the fact that most dog behaviour that we deem as …

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Over Attached Dogs – Sausages and Toast by Sue Gilmore

Adorable, handsome, cute – these were just some of the admiring descriptions of a twelve week-old-cocker spaniel puppy called Alfie, when he arrived at puppy …

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Dogs, Drugs and Dopes by Ross McCarthy

Canine Behaviour Drugs and Dopes The worrying trend of the prescription of mind altering drugs to our pets in the name of behaviour reformation is …

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Puppy in the Middle by Ross McCarthy

Obviously when one works with people to alter canine behaviour problems, the human aspect is often the greater part – a high percentage of problems …

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