Guild of Dog Trainers

Guild of Dog Trainers

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​The Bad Dog Ideology of our Time

Dog Training & Behaviour Methodologies: A Professional Perspective As a seasoned professional in the field of dog training and behaviour, I feel compelled to address certain misconceptions surrounding dog training methodologies that have led to conflicts within the industry. It is imperative to uphold the principles of science /operant conditioning, skills and experience in our […]

Guide Dog Attacked

Mrs Weston was delighted that her son, who is blind, was, for the first time in his life, going to become an independent man. He had just completed his arduous Guide Dog course with his new Golden Retriever, Glynn. Jeremy lived just up the road from his mum and whenever they met it would be […]

Dog Surprise – The Unknown Quantity

Our dogs often respond behaviourally to different stimuli and locations and the resulting behaviour can be quite a shock or surprise to the owner. One could say that our dogs have secret behaviour waiting to spring on us so we have to stay watchful at all times! Dog ownership is something that many of choose […]

Equipment Used in Modifying Canine Behaviour

Basic Dog Training When dogs need training we begin with the basic essentials like a collar and lead and for those people who make the effort the results are generally good. A dog, like a child, needs an education to prepare it for life in our world and like a child if it does not […]

Spoil Your Dog

Spoil your dog? Well, it’s a life choice – with consequences I was sitting in my office earlier today talking to a new client of mine, Cheryl, with a dog that had recently bitten both of her legs badly enough to require stitches and quite some time off work. The dog was a Labrador named […]

Why dog attacks happen…and how to prevent them.

Well, at the moment that is the subject on the lips of many people. Over the past few weeks, I have been on the Radio discussing fatal dog attacks – as have many other dog specialists, MP’s, lawyers , concerned and interested parties. Since the Dangerous Dogs Act (1991) came in to force after devastating […]