Guild of Dog Trainers

Guild of Dog Trainers

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Prevent Bad Dog Behaviour by Ross McCarthy

The prevention of dog behaviour problems Behaviour problems in dog are incredibly common, due to the fact that most dog behaviour that we deem as a ‘problem’ are normal canine behaviour in an abnormal (for the dog) human world. The problems vary in seriousness, but they almost always affect the bond between dog and owner […]

Dogs, Drugs and Dopes by Ross McCarthy

Canine Behaviour Drugs and Dopes The worrying trend of the prescription of mind altering drugs to our pets in the name of behaviour reformation is of huge concern to many dog trainers, behaviour practitioners and pet owners – and so it should be. Psychotropic drugs in the world of canine behaviour is a relatively new […]

Talking to Your Dog by Lez Graham

or should that be “Sorry, were you talking to me?” The voice is one of the most powerful tools we have when training our dogs and yet it’s one of the most misused and wasted. Because, unlike with hand signals, your dog doesn’t have to see you to know you’re giving it a command, means […]

Dog Rescue, Training and Behaviour by Sara Munke

Dog rescue, dog training and behaviour are not words that most people would normally expect to see in the same sentence. However, for the staff at Chilterns Dog Rescue Centre rescue, behaviour and training go hand in hand, in order to achieve a happy outcome for the dogs in their care. The Chilterns Dog Rescue […]

Equipment Used in Modifying Canine Behaviour

Basic Dog Training When dogs need training we begin with the basic essentials like a collar and lead and for those people who make the effort the results are generally good. A dog, like a child, needs an education to prepare it for life in our world and like a child if it does not […]

Spoil Your Dog

Spoil your dog? Well, it’s a life choice – with consequences I was sitting in my office earlier today talking to a new client of mine, Cheryl, with a dog that had recently bitten both of her legs badly enough to require stitches and quite some time off work. The dog was a Labrador named […]

Why dog attacks happen…and how to prevent them.

Well, at the moment that is the subject on the lips of many people. Over the past few weeks, I have been on the Radio discussing fatal dog attacks – as have many other dog specialists, MP’s, lawyers , concerned and interested parties. Since the Dangerous Dogs Act (1991) came in to force after devastating […]

Home Alone – Separation Anxiety by Ross McCarthy

Dogs are pack animals and are not suited to solitary lives and when we take a puppy into our home, we become the family pack. Though dogs are pack animals they can adapt to spending time in their own company without severe psychological problems. Leaving dogs alone for long periods regularly of course is not […]

What’s wrong with Fur-babies and fur-kids by Ross McCarthy

All over the internet and social media sites, people are posting images of their fur-babies and fur-kids…and just what, you may ask, is wrong with that? At the risk of being seen as a grumpy old man, I think that there may just be a lot wrong with that. I don’t really know when the […]