Guild of Dog Trainers

Guild of Dog Trainers

Training Britain's Pet Dogs and Inspiring Dog Owners to Learn

Dog Training Courses

The Guild have a number of courses in regard to dog behaviour & dog training written by GoDT members who are specialist in their chosen discipline.

Our education programme will continue to increase at various levels and will include many new courses in Agility Training, scent work, dog psychology, canine behaviour and various levels of dog training.

Also included will be sheep herding and sheep awareness, Agility Instructor workshops, advanced dog training, clicker training workshops and many more.

The courses prefixed with a 1 (eg GC101) are easier to complete and generally made up of two elements (sections of work) in each course. Courses prefixed with a 2 (eg GC201) are a slightly more advanced level and may have 3 or more elements per course. Where there is a ‘w’ at the end of the course name (eg GC207w) that indicates a workshop is included.