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Frequently Asked Questions about Courses

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Professional Dog Training Courses

I want to discuss what course is best for me – whom can I contact?

Once you have explored the range of courses offered by the Guild of Dog Trainers, if you are still unsure which course is for you, you can email us using the Contact Us page

What is a level 1 course?

A level 1 course is sent to you via .PDF – you work your way through the course contents and return for marking to your tutor at the end of the course. This will be returned to you with the relevant comments or further questions. Upon final completion, your certificate will be dispatched.

What is a level 2 course?

A level 2 course is a higher level and contains two or more elements – element one is sent to you via .PDF and when complete must be returned to your tutor for marking. Upon successful completion, your work will be returned to you marked with pertinent comments or questions. Thereafter, element two will be sent and so on. Once this is returned and marked, your certificate will be dispatched.

When can I enrol?

Enrolment is open throughout the year. You will be given start and final submission dates when your tutor sends you the course work in PDF form via email.

How long do I have to complete my course?

Level 1 courses should be completed within 3 months of the start date and for Level 2 courses a study period of 6 months is allowed.

Can I have extra time to complete my course?

The course submission date will not be extended unless there are extenuating circumstances. Any such extension will be granted at the discretion of the Senior Educational Advisor, whose decision is final. Evidence may be requested in some circumstances.

Is there student support available?

You’ll enjoy full support throughout your studies with The Guild. Your personal tutor will offer guidance, advice and comprehensive feedback on your course work. Your tutor can be contacted via email or telephone. Contact details will be provided with the course materials.

What is distance learning/home study?

Distance learning enables you to learn in your own time – at home or wherever you choose. You will need to have access to a computer to complete your course, so Internet access is essential to the location where you choose to study. Students are able to work at their own pace within the period allowed for completion of the course.

Do I need any qualifications before I can enrol?

No, you do not need any formal or academic qualifications to enrol on Level 1; however, successful completion of such a course is a prerequisite to enrolling on subsequent Level 2 courses. It is advisable that you have some experience as a dog owner and being involved in training dogs or working with them is an advantage.

How much do the courses cost?

The courses are individually priced as listed on the course description page.

How do I pay for my course?

Payment may be made on-line via debit or credit card via PayPal. We no longer accept cheques. If you pay directly into our bank please advice us that you have done so.

What happens when I have paid online?

Once you have submitted your application and payment has been cleared, you will receive an email to confirm enrolment on your chosen course within 7 days. Within 21 days of enrolment, your tutor will contact you and be able to offer guidance to help you throughout your course. Contact is usually via email or telephone.

Can I pay for my course fee in instalments?

No. The full fee must be paid prior to commencement of your studies with The Guild of Dog Trainers.

What do I get for the course fee?

You will receive a PDF containing course work and will receive tutor support for the duration of the course, assessment costs and GODT certificate to successful students. The course fee does not include set books, videos or, where applicable, accommodation where attendance at a workshop is required to complete a course.

What are the enrolment conditions?

All students are expected to have experience of owning a dog and, ideally, training dogs, either as a hobbyist or as one who works with dogs. No academic qualifications are required to enrol on courses at Level 1.

Is there a workshop to attend to complete my course?

Some courses may have a workshop within the course structure, at which attendance is required to successfully complete the course. Each course prospectus will indicate if a workshop is included.

Where can I buy set books and the DVD for my course?

Most set books are available from major book retailers. DVDs are available from Your tutor may be able to assist in case of difficulty.

What challenges can I expect?

Distance learning involves planning your life to enable you to complete your studies successfully. It requires commitment and an enthusiasm for your chosen subject. You will be given a submission date, so being organised to meet targets that you set for yourself is an essential prerequisite for successful study. Some of your current knowledge about your chosen subject may challenge your beliefs, so being flexible of thought and keeping an “open mind” will enable you to get the maximum benefit from your studies.

Why is accreditation important?

The process of accreditation provides the opportunity to the student to meet certain standards and gain certification to ensure that they have gained knowledge commensurate with the level of study. Accreditation will enable the successful student to achieve higher levels of knowledge and experience, progressively, in subjects relating to dogs.

Can I use certified GoDT courses towards higher education courses?

Many academic institutions will acknowledge the value of a student who successfully completes The Guild of Dog Trainers’ courses and who can produce the appropriate certification to substantiate their application to enrol on higher education courses.

The Guild of Dog Trainers wants you to enjoy your course and to use the knowledge gained from your studies in your work as a dog trainer, so with this in mind, learning is for life and you will be supported throughout your studies not only by your tutor, but all members of The Guild.

Who will be my tutor?

All guild tutors are hand-picked from the Guild of Dog Trainers Members. Each tutor will have relevant specific skills in the area of which they are teaching as well as a solid background in dog training and behaviour. You can view your tutors web page on this site and also links to their own websites so that you can see them and read about their experiences before enrolling on our courses.