Guild of Dog Trainers

Guild of Dog Trainers

Training Britain's Pet Dogs and Inspiring Dog Owners to Learn

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Sue Williams, the CEO explains the benefits of being a dog trainer member of the Guild of Dog Trainers. We have dog trainers throughout the UK – some specialising in many canine disciplines including agility, canine behaviour, working trials and many more.

The Guild is a modern organisation with the best trained and qualified membership in Britain today – thereby offering the public a mark of excellence when they choose a GODT trainer.

Sense of belonging

The Guild has a distinctive logo for the use of all members on websites and stationery, symbolising your part of a large professional organisation. A pin badge supplied at joining gives you a sense of identity when you visit a client and immediately identifies you as belonging to a professional body. Waist bags, waterproof jackets, lanyards, body warmers and training lead sporting the Guild’s shield can be purchased to enhance your professional image, again, declaring that as a trainer you are part of a larger whole. Further merchandise is being made available all the time; keep up to date with our merchandise.

Identity and Recognition by the public

The Guild’s shield will make you instantly recognisable to the public as more and more trainers display the shield on their websites and work materials.

A regular emailed newsletter

With up to date information about what the Guild is doing and what is happening in the world of dogs. In a profession where we work on our own a lot of the time, it’s nice to know we’re not alone.


There’s always a master trainer to talk to if you need to discuss a difficult case or would like advice on a technique or equipment.

A Voice

The Guild will ‘stand up and be counted’ on your behalf. As this booklet went to press the Guild was attending meetings with the Companion Animal Welfare Council (CAWC) in relation to the regulations that are being introduced for dog behaviour practitioners and trainers.

The Guild’s website

Each full member has a personalised ‘Find a Trainer’ page on the Guild’s website and is created from information supplied by you upon joining.

Discounted products

As a full member of the Guild of Dog Trainers you can receive discounts of up to 20% with major suppliers of dog training equipment.

High Standards

Not everyone can join the Guild of Dog Trainers. Experience is asked for and references are followed up.