Guild of Dog Trainers

Guild of Dog Trainers

Training Britain's Pet Dogs and Inspiring Dog Owners to Learn



  • The Guild promotes gentle, kind and effective dog training methodology based on sound theoretical scientific theory.
  • The Guilds holistic approach has proven to be effective and its highly skilled dog trainers have taught and trained thousands of dogs – from pets to top level competition.
  • The Guild revolutionised modern dog training standards.
  • The Guild was the first dog training organisation to accept and use Middlesex University accredited modules for advanced level dog instructors.
  • The Guild is approved by the PETbc pet Education Training Council of Great Britain.


The Guild recognises the importance and the need to understand:

Dogs – The Guild is passionate about training dogs using methods which evolve from creating understanding between dog and human. To do this successfully the Guild recognises that its critical for dog trainers and owners to understand how dogs think, how they develop, their innate behaviours and their unique species characterises.

Dogs Owners – The Guild acknowledges the needs of dog owners and how in order to help them achieve their aim of a well behaved pet dog that dog trainers need to use effective methods which are achievable. The Guild fully understands the expectation society places on dog owners and additionally the laws which affect them all.

Dog Trainers & Professionals – The Guild understands the Dog training industry and is able to advise and support its members in all relevant areas.


  • The Guild is innovative and inspiring. The organisation is at the cutting edge evolving and responding to change.
  • The Guild is leading and representing dog trainers and the dog training industry from grass route Pet
  • Dog Training Classes through to the British Government.
  • Fresh, progressive and inclusive the Guild embraces developments and advances in the industry.


Guild members are passionate about dogs.

They deeply love and cherish the unique place dogs take in our homes and society. This love of dogs unites Guild members and is the driving force behind the Guilds desire to improve the standard of dog training throughout the UK and the World. The Guild strives to help, support and teach to improve the life of dogs and people resulting in enriching the relationship between them.

Dog Trainer

The Guild represents dog trainers. Membership reflects the dog trainers commitment and dedication to their role as a dog trainer. Whether a hobby trainer or full time professional the Guild has a level of membership to reflect experience. The organisation has an excellent network headed by the UKs leading dog trainers who mentor and support members offering an excellent unequalled support structure.

The Guild of Dog Trainers provides access to higher education and opportunities that enable professionals and new people in the industry to develop academic and vocational knowledge along with practical skills. This allows dog trainers to achieve their professional goals, and in turn improve the welfare of dogs.

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