GC102 – Understanding the Human Psychological Element of Dog Training


Both ends of the Lead

Good dog trainers, it goes without saying, understand dogs. Great dog trainers, however, understand their owners too. As much as all professional dog trainers want to work with dogs we need to communicate effectively with their owners to carry out professional and high quality dog training and human coaching. Dog Training Instructors need to be facilitators rather than dictators, guiding clients to understand the best ways to motivate their dogs. On this course you will learn how to interpret what your clients really mean, modify your approach to helping them, tackle objections and work more closely with people to produce well trained dogs.

The course will include; Setting goals for dog training, Barriers to dog and human learning, Building rapport, Active listening, Interpersonal communication skills and much more.

Tutor: Helen Atton

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  • Understanding dog owners
  • Handling objections from dog owners
  • Motivating dog owners
  • Setting realistic goals for dog training
  • What stops dog training succeeding
  • Learn to listen to dog owners
  • Why don’t dog owners listen to you
  • Train dog owners without assumptions
  • Successful dog training courses
  • Frustrations of dog training
  • Barriers to learning
  • Educating dog owners
  • Run effective dog training classes
  • Building cooperation in dog training
  • Interpersonal communication skills for dog trainers