GC103 – Educating and empowering the effective puppy owner


Puppy Power

Split into two elements, this course enables you to learn to recognise the psychology behind your owners behaviour and establish a solid means of educating them in canine behaviour and in particular puppy training. We will reflect on current puppy training methods and analyse why many puppies in today’s society require a higher level of management.

Breeding, social ranking, environment, and owner perception will all be taken into consideration on this thought  provoking course designed to provide every canine professional with a further depth  of knowledge,  increased confidence and a solid means of teaching an owner effective puppy management techniques.

Tutor: Jo Croft

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  • Understanding your dog training client
  • Observations of the puppy and the dogs environment
  • Positive reinforcement in dog training and puppy training
  • Consequences in puppy training and adult dog training
  • Social expectations of dogs in society regarding puppy training
  • Understanding Dog breeds
  • Genetics in dog breeding
  • Designer dog breeds
  • Owner expectations of dog training
  • Puppy behaviour in the home
  • Puppy training in public places
  • Building confidence in the puppy
  • Training puppies in a dog training class environment
  • Designing and running a bespoke dog training course
  • Owner psychology in puppy training
  • Puppy training psychology