GC202 – The effects of Human Emotion on the dog and its significance in anxiety related behaviours for the dog trainer


Human Emotion & Anxiety and their role in dog training.

This course contains three Elements which covers a detailed look at the parallels in human and canine psychology. How the canine individual is affected physiologically and what correlation this has with  canine anxiety related behaviours witnessed in some dogs.

You will learn to recognise stress triggers, manifestation of anxiety and understand the fight, flight or freeze response on a chemical level.

Students will be provided with all the background knowledge required to identify the early presence of canine anxiety, when it is appropriate to offer support and when interaction is futile. You will understand how to ensure a solid approach is applied to the positive treatment of such cases.

Tutor: Jo Croft

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Consideration is given to complex medical conditions relevant in high level anxiety cases. Genetics and breed predispositions will also be examined in this informative, constructive course, providing students with viable, tried and tested techniques to manage some of the most difficult cases efficiently and successfully.

  • Human psychology in dog behaviour
  • Dog training and human psychology
  • Anxiety in dogs and people
  • Human emotion in dog training
  • Understanding dogs fight and flight response
  • Observing dog body language
  • Canine Communication
  • Stress in dogs and canine stress indications
  • Managing the anxious dog
  • Managing anxiety in dog owners
  • Relevant canine medical conditions
  • Canine genetics and dog breed behaviour predisposition
  • Dog behavioural techniques and anxiety conditions
  • Canine separation anxiety
  • Social anxiety in dogs
  • Dog aggression and anxiety
  • Anxiety as a trigger for dog to dog aggression
  • Anxiety as a trigger for dog to human aggression