GC204 – Intermediate Canine Training for the Modern Dog Trainer


Progressive Dog Training

Teaching life skills to the modern dog and learning to deal with challenges within the training class is some of what you will discover in this course. On completion of this distance learning  course you will emerge with a  general understanding of more advanced training exercises and guidance on running your training classes.

Tutor: David Drew

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The syllabus includes the investigation and understanding of;

  • The use of Shaping in dog training
  • Reinforcement (generally) in dog training and general dog behaviour
  • Counter conditioning in dog training
  • Socialisation of puppies and early puppy training
  • Habituation for puppies
  • De-sensitisation for all breeds of dog
  • Extinction in dog behaviour and training
  • Flooding in dog behaviour
  • Chaining in dog training courses
  • Advanced dog training techniques
  • Starting to teach dog owners
  • Organising your dog training class
  • Disruptive behaviour in a dog training class
  • Roles in the Dog Training profession