GC205 – A detailed understanding of up-to-date dog law and legislation


UK Dog Law

Dog law can be and is very confusing at times, there are Acts of Parliament relating to dogs, Acts of parliament relating to animals generally, and statutory orders and regulations in place concerning dogs and animals alike.

This course looks specifically at dog related matters; laws, legislation statutory orders and regulations, some of which are covered by the criminal law, and other parts coming under Civil law.

There are many people and professionals who can and do become involved with dogs, for example the dog owner, dog trainers, dog behaviourists, dog councillors, dog therapists, veterinary staff, vets, dog groomers, dog walkers, dog sitters, kennel owners, kennel staff, and the dog security industry to name a few, not forgetting the Police and local authorities, RSPCA, and rescue centres, dog charities, and specially trained dogs to help with the disabled.

Tutor: Colin Spender

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All of these persons need to know and understand at least the basics of Dog Law and how the legislation can and does have an effect and influence on dog ownership and the responsibilities of having care or charge of our canine friends.

  • Ownership and Theft of dogs
  • Sales of Dogs
  • Dogs’ Pedigree
  • Pet Shops
  • Dog owners responsibility
  • Strict liability and negligence rules in relation to dog training
  • Dogs and Diseases
  • Dogs on the road
  • Trespassing with dogs
  • Dog Collars and Stray dogs
  • Boarding kennels and Breeding establishments