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Guild of Dog Trainers

Training Britain's Pet Dogs and Inspiring Dog Owners to Learn

Dog Training Videos

These videos from GoDT members provide guidance on dog and puppy training techniques to help dog owners overcome various common canine behaviour issues.
How to stop dogs jumping up on visitors

Ross McCarthy describes dog behaviour problems – having visitors to your home and controlling your dog. Looking at various dog training techniques to ensure safety and to achieve a well trained dog.

Puppy behaviour training tips – socialisation

Ross McCarthy describes puppy training and canine socialisation. The need for breed specific socialisation, different dog breeds and their needs for training and habituation. He describes dog to dog interaction and important points for raising and training a dog of any breed.

Dog training and basic tips for the more difficult dogs

Ross McCarthy discussed dog obedience training and the most important things that we can teach our dogs – including recall training, dog behaviour in the home. He also covers obedience training with distractions and the normal and natural behaviour of pet dogs.

The secret to keeping a puppy occupied

Sue Williams, CEO explains how to use Natural Food to keep young puppies occupied – an important part of dog ownership is mental stimulation and directing the dogs attention to rewarding behaviour.

Smart Puppy Training

Ross McCarthy from the Guild of Dog Trainers explains Smart Puppy Training – looking at the critical periods of socialisation, the need for early obedience training, introducing other dogs and cats, training dogs in public places. This film follows the behavioural development and training of a Rottweiler puppy, but is suitable for all breeds of dog.

Science Led Dog Training

Sue Williams the CEO demonstrates classical and operant conditioning with dogs. During this film, Sue starts obedience training a young Cocker Spaniel and advanced the dog training with her Dutch Herder and then shows advanced dog training skills with her Malinois.

Town puppy training socialisation

Colin Tennant describes puppy socialisation, demonstrating with a German Shepherd Dog puppy. Dog training starts with a well balanced dog and to achieve such, the puppy needs to be exposed to environmental stimulus. The puppy also needs obedience training and this is shown, so that one can achieve a well trained adult dog.

Tips Puppy Training Indoors – obedience

Colin Tennant explains puppy training and how dogs learn. The most important time for dog training and socialising your puppy to have a well behaved adult dog.

Dog training with distraction gives a super result

Malcolm Johnson of the Guild of Dog Trainers demonstrates with his Border Collie the minimum level of dog obedience training that all pet dog owners should aim for. Dog training with the distraction of other dogs gives a super result.

Puppy Operant Conditioning

Sue Williams, the CEO explains operant conditioning when she starts to train a German Shepherd Dog puppy. Sue explains teaching the dog a signal as a reward for good behaviour and demonstrates dog training methods suitable for use with all breeds and ages of dog.

Pet Gundog Training Part 1

Lez Graham, a Guild of Dog Trainers member, explains and demonstrates Pet Gundog Training. Many puppies of the Gundog breeds can display behaviour problems simply due to being under stimulated. Lez Graham is an expert in the field of working dogs and pet dogs and training for good behaviour as well as the training for the shooting field.

Pet Gundog Training Part 2

Lez Graham, of the Guild of Dog Trainers teaches advanced Gundog work to pet dog owners. Ensuring steady dog obedience and good behaviour. Training a dog to do what they were bred for is most rewarding.

Dogs jumping on children – dog training

Dog training etiquette in the home with children – both children that reside with dogs and also children visiting your home with your pet dog. Utilising dog obedience training in the home to maintain safety and control.

Dog behaviour tips – dogs jumping on visitors

Unruly dogs in the home can be not only a nuisance, but potentially unsafe. How to bring visitors into your home comfortably and safely using dog training techniques to manage your dog within the home.

Dog behaviour tips – visitors to you house

With stringent UK Dog Laws, having a well trained dog in the home is essential. Here visitors to the home are discussed along with the application of conventional obedience training for your dog in the home environment.